Satellite Spaces /// The Untitled Gallery - is a unique series of exhibitions designed to highlight the revival of contemporary arts and culture in the Johannesburg CBD. The untitled gallery is a satellite gallery that utilizes a different redeveloped location and a different medium for each individual show. A movement created by artist’s for artists, a natural and needed evolution of the “white cube” exhibition AND space. Celebrating the inner city’s rejuvenation, and at the same time, creating a platform where all mediums of contemporary artistic expression can be showcased in some of our city’s most interesting urban spaces.

The untitled gallery will be showcasing many of our countries top artists, from photographers to painters and digital designers, and a variety of other mediums. (lo brow - high brow - no brow). This project will also feature a host of emerging talent from around the country, giving our young artists the opportunity to be part of a full scale gallery exhibition. As well as the opportunity to exhibit their work along with some of the most established local artists of their generation.

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ART FOR ALL. We want our Art to speak across the barriers of knowledge directly to People about their Life and their knowledge of Art. The 20th century has been cursed with an art that cannot be understood. The decadent artists stand for themselves and their chosen few, laughing and dismissing the normal outsider. We say that puzzling, obscure and form-obsessed art is decadent and a cruel denial of the Life of People.” - Gilbert + George